Saturday, September 24, 2016


      SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER25TH., 2016

     Life can often be like a three ring circus.
Yesterday the DeCosmo family did it all in
 just one ring!
      The occasion was the first annual
DeCosmo Family Reunion held at "The
Sanctuary" in Hazleton.
      My grandfather and grandmother
settled in Hazleton after immigrating to
the United States from Italy. The family
they raised there included my Dad, his
brother, and sisters. They are all gone
now and I am the senior cousin from
their kids.
      There are, however, plenty of "next
generation DeCosmos" and a couple of
them decided it was time to get together
at a reunion instead of a funeral.
      One of my second cousins, Pat Trosky,
got the ball rolling and, as it happens, her
son Jon owns "The Sanctuary", a former
church that is now used as a home for
theatrical live action art and where
professional wrestling is held one night
each week.
       Judging from all the family "Bear
hugs" I witnessed the afternoon could
well have been included on the weekly
wrestling card!
       Everyone brought food. We probably
could have invited two more families to
help finish it off.
       And the wrestling ring! You couldn't
keep the kids out of it! It was far better
than a circus for them as they jumped
and danced on the mat!
        My late brother and I moved our
part of the DeCosmo clan to Wyoming
Valley many years ago. Our contacts
with those in the old home town were
few and far between. I'll bet Dad, my
uncle, aunts, and first cousins were
smiling down from up above to see the
family together again!
         There are some great acts in this
family circus, and a clown or two like
me as well!
          Hope we do it again, and that
all your NEWS is good!

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