Sunday, September 25, 2016


             GOODBYE CHARLIE!

       A Television icon said good bye yesterday.
No. Not me. I'm still plugging away on ECTV.
       But Charles Osgood anchored his last
"Sunday Morning" program on CBS yesterday.
       The program is a high quality feature news
program that takes whatever time is necessary
to tell a story. It is, in my opinion, one of the
best programs on television. And Osgood has
been the perfect host!
       He surprised me. I didn't think anyone
could replace the program's original host,
Charles Kuralt, the man who originated the
"on the road" series of feature stories on
network TV. But Osgood proved to be cut
from the same mold with his soft spoken yet
dependable delivery style.
       You trusted him. Like you used to trust
the likes of Edward R. Murrow or Walter
Cronkite or, on a local level, hopefully me!
        The so-called "main stream media" takes
a lot of raps these day, usually when various
outlets report something negative about
somebody the public likes. So instead of
listening to the information a lot of folks
prefer to dismiss it and "kill the messenger."
        You'd be hard pressed to do that with
Charles Osgood.
         His departure from "Sunday Morning"
came as a complete surprise to me. A lot of
big names, even from the other networks,
came on his last program to congratulate him
for the work he's done over 50 some years.
        Of course I had hoped someone from
CBS might give me a call to fill in. But the
phone never rang. Guess they figured I'm
too busy with my blog!
        Hope Charles has a long and happy
retirement and that all his, and your, NEWS
is good!


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