Wednesday, September 21, 2016


                     OLD SCHOOL!

      I've been meaning to write a few lines on
this subject for a long time.
      I never paid much attention to the
conditions of the schools I attended. My
main concern, as far as the buildings were
concerned, was the location of the exits!
     My Junior High School was torn down
a few years back. It probably should have
come down before I ever got there.
     But why are so many old schools "in
 such bad shape?"
     Most of you are well aware of the fact
that two of Wilkes-Barre's three High Schools
will soon become just memories. We've been
told they're too old and are falling apart.
       I have no idea how bad the buildings are.
I'm not qualified to second guess the "experts"
on their findings.
       But I'm amazed at the number of
structures that, for one reason or another,
weren't good enough to be schools any more-
but are now good enough for apartment
houses or other uses.
       The old Maffet Street School in
Plains Township now provides a classy
home to a successful business enterprise.
        My old elementary school in Hazleton
is now an apartment complex. I can kind of
understand that as I slept there myself a lot
when I attended as a student.
         Wilkes-Barre, of course, will get one
big new school out of its current dilemma.
Hope they're planning on some maintenance
once it's built...and that all your NEWS is

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