Wednesday, September 28, 2016


                 IF THEY BUILD IT.......
                 (YOU WILL HELP!)
       My brother and sister-in-law are having
  a room added to a house they recently
  purchased. They are, of course, at the mercy
  of the builders who are working on their own
  time schedule.
        Yesterday my wife and I happened by as
  the new structure was actually taking shape.
  As we arrived the carpenter and his assistant
  had just completed the frame for one of the
  main walls. The next step was to lift it into
          This is where I got lucky. I was holding
  my camera!
           It quickly became clear that these two
  men were no match for the weight of all that
 lumber! Add a gust of wind, which showed
 up right on cue, and you had an accident just
 waiting to happen.
            Fortunately my brother-in-law stepped
 in to add the necessary manpower to get the
 job done. Me? Well if you'll remember I was
 holding my camera!
              Since I couldn't lift I did the next
  best thing and snapped a photo.
               With two more walls to go I figured
  it was time to leave. But I left my brother-in-
  law there....just in case!
                Hope they can get it done without
   me and that al your NEWS is good!

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