Thursday, September 15, 2016


      FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16TH., 2016

   I've written of my brother-in-law's craving
for pizza! And I've reported on his effort to fly
a half baked pizza home to California packed in
a $5 suitcase along with his laundry.
Since he called us last evening to report his,
and his suitcase's, safe arrival out west, I feel
it's now safe to give you, as the late Paul Harvey
would have put it, "the rest of the story!"
    You see in addition to his love for Pennsylvania
pizza my brother-in-law appreciates the unique
flavor of the old home town beers!
     Accordingly, that old suitcase was not only
home to a half baked pizza. He also managed to
fit a 24 pack of Yuengling Lager along with a
dozen cans of the brewery's Black & Tan!
     He must have packed light when he flew
in because no clothing was left behind when he
flew out!
     When he called he told us everything came
through the trip just fine. He went to his friend's
house where they finished baking the pizza and
consumed a brew or two from the folks at
      He has not yet done his laundry!
      Hope he enjoys the rest of the beer and that
all your NEWS is good!


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