Sunday, September 18, 2016



    You hear a lot about "Fair weather friends."
You know. Those who are glad to be with
you when things are fine but are otherwise
hard to find.
    I'm lucky to have some "All weather friends."
Take my buddy Bob and his wife.
    Bob and I went to grade school together.
Though separated by about 5 hours these days
we get together whenever we can. Fair weather
or not!
     Sunday's forecast was for cloudy skies, rain
and thunder showers. But we had planned to
get together at Knoebel's Amusement Park. So,
we decided we'd take whatever Mother Nature
decided to throw at us so that we could get
      As it happens Mother Nature apparently
didn't hear the forecast. The clouds did show
up. But that actually made for a perfect day at
the park!
     My buddy hadn't been there for some 20
years and was delighted the park had maintained
it's nostalgic look and feel.
     We took in a few of the rides ourselves and
even let his wife "drive" the antique autos. She
hasn't been able to drive for years! You could
see the apprehension and yet joy in her eyes!
     We enjoyed the setting, some park foods,
some rides, and mainly our time together! That
was capped off as the sun began to set and the
amusement ride lights really began to cast a
magical light through the early darkness!
      Rain or thunderstorms might have made
us duck for cover a bit. But not give up! We
are "All Weather Friends!"
      Hope you have some too and that all
your NEWS is good!

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