Monday, September 19, 2016


               SECOND SEASON!

       The long, hot summer seems to be
paying dividends we didn't expect!
        My wife has always had a lot of
flowers growing around our place. But
we've never had a garden.
        There is a blueberry bush that has
provided us with some nice fruit over
the years. And we're still "liberating"
pears from the tree growing right
across the street. The new tenants said
it was OK after we mentioned, as often
as possible, that we like pears!
        The other day my wife was watering
 some of her plants when she  noticed the
 pepper plants that had been given  to us
 a month or two ago were sprouting  new
 peppers! We had already enjoyed a
 harvest from those plants so seeing new
 growth was a welcome sight!
         Just minutes later, as I was covering
 my Miata, I spotted something red in the
 bushes nearby. A closer inspection
 reveled there were new strawberries popping
 through! Here again, we had already pulled
 a nice batch from those bushes weeks ago!
 They're not large. But they're plenty sweet!
         Somehow, without really trying, we
 seem to have developed a green thumb!
          Now may be a good time to report
 our unexpected success to the Department
 of Agriculture! Maybe we can pull the plants
 and get paid for not growing anything next
 year! Either that or start showing up at the
 Farmer's Markets once we get one full quart
 of something!
           Hope the apple cores I tossed around
 bear fruit...and that all your NEWS is good!


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