Saturday, September 3, 2016


        FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 4TH          
          READ ALL ABOUT IT!        
    OK!  Here's your headline.....It's Newspaper
Carrier Day! (Of course it's also observed
on 4 other dates!)
     It's a day set aside to honor everyone
who is or ever was a newspaper carrier!
     My son was a carrier and, on occasion,
I was his assistant!
      I remember getting up early with him
on some of those stormy winter mornings
to run his route in my 4 wheel drive so
we would be sure everyone got his or her
paper and he, my son, would get home
      You've got to give these guys, and
gals, credit.
      They pretty much do the same job as
the Postman, you know "Neither snow nor
rain nor gloom of night", but usually don't
get the same recognition.
       Bicycles won't cut it in most areas
these days and you've got to pedal a
lot of papers to fill a gas tank!
      Carriers may also be a dying breed!
      A lot of newspapers have folded and
the trend seems to be heading into
electronic journalism.
       And who wants to throw a laptop onto
some body's front porch?!
       Most carriers don't shout out "Extra",
or yell the headline nowadays. But that's
just as well around our place since the
delivery guy usually shows up around
       Of course our "Paperboy" was so
efficient we cancelled our service! He
(or she) kept delivering even on those
weeks we cut the paper because we were
on vacation. We'd return to find a pile of
papers on the ground in front of our porch.
A sort of "Welcome sign" to intruders in
the days before Uncle Karl started to
house sit for us.
     Besides, in our case we don't really
need the paper anymore. Our Cockatiel
     But, for the rest of you, if you're sitting
around the table with your coffee and bagel,
reading the morning paper, give some thought
to the carrier who got it to you...whatever
the weather!
       Hope your subscription is up to
date and that all your NEWS is good!

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