Friday, September 30, 2016


           WHAT DAY IS IT?

     Before you shout out "Friday" or
"September 30th" allow me to provide
the actual answer.
      This is "Ask a stupid question day!"
It's one of my favorite unusual holidays!
       While many of you will surely link
this observance with my colleagues in
the news media or, perhaps, politicians,
it's a day originally created by teachers!
         It was part of a movement by teachers
in the 1980's to try to get kids to ask more
questions in the classroom. Educators said
kids sometimes hold back, fearing their
question is stupid, and asking it will result
in ridicule." Heck that never stopped a
reporter! Of course in school, I didn't
raise my hand very much!!!!
         How how about the doctor in the
Emergency Room who begins his examination
by asking "How are you?"
         Or the office who just pulled you
over for speeding and asks "Do you know
how fast you were going?" Isn't he suppose
to know?
         Anyway today feel free to ask anything
you want no matter how stupid it may be.
Hope you get a good answer and that all your
NEWS is good!

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