Friday, September 16, 2016


        SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 17TH., 2016
               ANOTHER ORBIT BEGINS!  

       I don't remember much about September 17th 1942.
       But that's when I showed up.
       I've been told an uncle was visiting at my Mom and
Dad's house and awoke to hear a baby crying. He was
surprised because he, and a lot of other people, didn't
know my Mom was expecting!
       I've been surprising people ever since!
       As you now know I was born at home. Never
did like going to the hospital!
       I used to wonder about people who didn't like to
talk about their age. Or those who don't talk about their
Birthday, as if ignoring it means it didn't actually happen.
       I, on the other hand, have always enjoyed my
Birthday and usually promote it as much in advance as
possible. That policy has accounted for an extra gift or
treat now and then! I make sure everyone has my
address too. Just in case! Let me know if any of you
need it!
       I have, however, become a sort of challenge to my
family. Each year they ask what I'd like for my
Birthday (or Christmas). And my answer has usually
been "something neat." They've never let me down!
       My wife gave me the neatest (so far) when I
turned 65. It was a Memory book of photos, notes from
friends and family recalling good times over the years.
It's one of my greatest treasures!
       I've had some "neat" Birthdays as well including
one spent in Switzerland as my wife and I hosted a
tour for WYOU TV.  "Happy Birthday To You"
just sounded so special with that Ricola type echo!
       So as I begin my 75th orbit round the sun I'd
like to thank all of you for your Birthday wishes
and for being good friends! That's really neat!
        Now I've got to take one heck of a big breath
and blow out those candles! The smoke detector is
going off!
         Hope you enjoy your day too... and that all your
NEWS is good!

Mom & me

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