Sunday, September 4, 2016


             HURRAH FOR THE UNION!

      It is Labor Day. A day when, of course,
most of us are not laboring unless it's
standing over a grill.
      It's suppose to be a day dedicated to the
 social and economic achievements of American
 workers. Things like the 5-day and 40-hour
 week! Things like overtime pay and benefits.
 Most fought for and won by the unions that
 represented the miners and factory workers
 across the country.
     My Dad was a "Union Man." He tried to
 form one while working as a Breaker Boy in
 the Coal Industry. That one didn't work out.
     He did a bit better after becoming a movie
 projectionist eventually becoming the
 Business Agent of his local of the International
 Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees.
      Back in the early days IATSE fought for
 laws requiring two men in every projection
 booth because of the extreme danger of fire
 when nitrate film was being used.
      I followed in his footsteps to some extent.
 I was a member of NABET, The National
 Association of Broadcast Engineers and
 Technicians while at WNAK and WDAU
 (later WYOU) and actually helped form
 that union while at WTHT in Hazleton
 when the owner refused to bargain with
 the station staff.
      Eventually we went on strike and
 closed the place down. The owner moved
 back home to Virginia and we moved on to
 other jobs.
       Sometimes you win. Sometimes you
 lose. And sometimes there's a "draw."
        But like them or not there's no denying
 labor unions did a lot for a great many men
 and women over the years even if it's only
 to give some an extra holiday!
        Hope you'll remember those who
 fought to make life just a little bit better
and that all your NEWS is good!

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