Saturday, September 10, 2016


               THE WILD BUNCH

      I'm thinking that people who passed
 by my daughter's back yard yesterday
 would have a hard time believing the
 gang of people gathered there were, in
 a sense, participating in a "memorial
       Truth is though, all of those
 present had gathered, from as far away
 as California and Florida. All were relatives
 of, in our case, a nephew who passed on
 this past January.
       There was food, stories, games,
 music, and a lot of family sharing that
 he was undoubtedly watching from above.
 He would have been the first to try his
 had in the game of Charades, or try a
 couple cords on the guitar!
       He's an angel who would love to
 try juggling the "Devil Sticks," catching
 our Eagle's Football, or riding that strange
 tricycle-like scooter the kids were using
 on the driveway!
      Most of all he'd love to chat and kid
 with all the folks who came together
 because they're part of a family that
 cares for one another!
       Yea Butch. We were a wild bunch
 yesterday, Just like always and just for
        Hope all your NEWS is good!




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