Thursday, September 22, 2016



  My wife and I had about an hour to kill
before we headed to our grandson's soccer
game on Wednesday. So for the first time
in a long time we pulled into one of the
parking lots at Ricket's Glen State Park.
   The park is famous for a couple reasons.
First and foremost for it's hiking trails
along a series of waterfalls. The first part
of one of those trails was right there ahead
of where we parked. So we thought we'd
use up a few of our 60 minutes on a short
walk in the woods.
   As we began I recalled the other thing
the park is famous for. People who have
accidents walking along those trails!
    They almost always involve people
who are really unprepared to hike those
steep trails. That was us!!!!!
     My aching knees cried out to me
immediately as I stepped down from
one rock to another on a path definitely
not part of any "official trail."
     As my wife neared the edge of one
cliff near the falls just off the highway
I stopped her with plenty of room to
spare urging her to let the zoom lens
on her camera cover the rest of the
      I did manage to get down the first
set of steps to a lookout that provided
a great view of the falls. I might have
gone down the next set were it not for
the mental reality that I'd have to walk
back up!
      The Glen and its trails and waterfalls
are well worth the trip to those who come
prepared. "Stop by tourists" like us should
be content with the couple photos we
snapped before climbing back the short
hill to our car.
       Hope you enjoy the pictures and
that all your NEWS is good!


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