Tuesday, September 20, 2016


                HOW SWEET IT IS!

    I used to work in Nanticoke. WNAK radio.
1963. I had to drive there from my home in
Hazleton every morning.
     The old WNAK isn't there any more and
I'm not usually in Nanticoke these days. But
I was there yesterday.
       My wife and I were out for a short ride
in the Miata when I found myself on the San
Souci Highway heading towards town.
       In all honesty there's not many things to
attract me to Nanticoke these days. But as
we were driving both my wife and I remembered
       The Sanitary Bakery!!!!
       I don't know who came up with the name.
I would hope that all bakeries are sanitary! But
the place reminds me of all the old neighborhood
bakeries that used to be around back in the good
old days. You know. Bakeries that had their glass
enclosed shelves filled with goodies like Jelly
donuts, Long Johns, and brownies!
         One could gain 3pounds just by window
shopping there!
          I certainly don't need the calories so I had
my wife go in. She came out with a box of treats
and an order of Haluski!  
           Our first attack on the pastries came as I
pulled away from the curb in front of the place.
That was followed by a second helping after
dinner. It took exceptional will power to stay
away from the remaining bounty while I sat
up writing this Blog.
          Today, however, is a different story! By
the time many of you read this I will have
devoured one of the brownies!
           Like I said earlier, there's not many things
to attract me to Nanticoke these days. Except
            Hope I get back soon...and that all your
NEWS is good!


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