Saturday, September 17, 2016


     SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18TH., 2016

  I'd like to begin today's blog with a very big
Thank You to all my readers and Facebook
friends that took the time to send me Birthday
greetings yesterday!
   When I was just a little kid my Mom would
throw a big party for me and all the kids from
the neighborhood would show up for games,
food, and Birthday cake.
    Yesterday, in spite of my advancing years,
I felt like I was back home and just a little
kid again.
     That's partly because a whole bunch of
kids showed up for yesterday's Birthday
Party. You see the party was for my
grand daughter who  just turned 6. She
actually made that turn a few weeks ago.
But her Mom felt is was better to wait till
she got back to school to have her party so
more of her friends, old and new, would be
able to attend.
     As it happens the first available date
was on my Birthday!
     I had hoped all her little friends might
bring presents for me too. But I guess they
didn't get the memo.
     Fortunately my own children and
grand children did bring presents for
both of us and....we both made out very
     It was nice to share my Birthday
with my grand daughter. And, as far as
presents go, I'm still in the lead. Of course
that's because I've had 68 more birthdays!
     Hope you had as good a day as we had
and that all your NEWS is good!

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