Friday, September 23, 2016


             GONE TO THE FAIR!

    It was close to a disaster!
    The first day of Fall offered summer-like
temperatures and the temptation to put down
the Miata top and head straight for Nescopeck
to our favorite ice cream stand. So we did.
     But as we neared the small community my
wife wondered if the owner might have closed
shop to take his portable ice cream stand to the
Bloomsburg Fair.
      As stunned as I was, she was right! The
sign in front of the place read "Closed. Gone
to the fair." Regular customers like us were
left at the curb ice cream-less!
       No problem. An old friend of mine runs
a restaurant on the other side of the river just
north of Berwick which just happens to feature
a great assortment of ice cream treats.
       So we drove there. And found the place
closed! No indication where his crew had
gone. But it's probably a safe guess the
Bloomsburg Fair had something to do with
the lights being out.
        About that time we figured everyone had
gone to the fair and we started back home.
And the route we choose took us right by the
Bodnarosa Motel and Camp Ground where
the sign in front of the store read "Now serving
Leiby's Ice Cream." Needless to say we
stopped and camped out in front of the place
enjoying our treat.
        Hope those who abandoned us enjoyed
the fair as much as we enjoyed our ice cream
and that all your NEWS is good.


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