Tuesday, June 28, 2016



     Sometimes in your travels you see
something that demands you turn
around to get another and, perhaps,
better look!
      That was the case Tuesday
evening as my wife and I returned
from a sunset ice cream journey.
       In the distance I thought I
saw huge streams of water shooting
into the air and my wife confirmed
the sighting.
       Ever the newsman I drove
about a hundred yards and found
a good spot for a safe U-turn.
       My first thought was a serious
fire. But one fact seemed to reject
that theory.
       Those streams of water were
trained on the lake at the Francis
Slocum State Park. As a "trained
observer' I felt is was unlikely the
lake was on fire.
        Perhaps they were filling it?
But, the fact the lake is stream fed
poured cold water on that theory as
        Maybe somebody's ship had
come in and Fire boats were just
saluting? But how would a ship
get into the lake? All burning
         We never did get closer than
our initial vantage point. Still, with
that many powerful streams of water
shooting into the lake in now seems
logical a local Fire Department was
training its responders in the use of
hose high pressure hoses!
       If, however, the lake was on
fire......hope they put it out....and
that all your NEWS is good!

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