Thursday, June 16, 2016


  FRIDAY, JUNE 17TH., 2016

     I know! The traditional phrase
is "Diamonds in the Rough."
     But, in this case, it works
the other way around!
     Some of our gang crowded
into two vehicles on Thursday
for another vacation tradition.
      We like to visit Diamond
Beach at Cape May where the
constant flow of the tide turns
small pebbles into what have
become known as "Cape May
      The beach is also home to
a traditional sunset ceremony
during which a flag that has
honored a veteran is lowered
to the sounds of Taps then
carefully folded and presented
to members of that deceased
veteran's family.
       It's also a great place to
watch the sunset....unless it's
very cloudy. And a great place
for a toddler to play in the
       I know kids these days
love to play with all the new
electronic gadgets that are
available. But I must admit
it was a real joy to watch our
10-month-old grandson
discover the thrill of playing
with a stick in the sand! He
was rough on those "diamonds.'
But no expensive presents will
ever match the happiness he found
drawing a circle around himself
with the stick he picked up from
the beach!
       Hope he comes to realize
the value of his discovery and
that all your NEWS is good!


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