Wednesday, June 15, 2016


   THURSDAY, JUNE 16TH., 2016

     I have finally found it! I've been
to California. I've been to Hawaii.
But I found it right here during our
family vacation in Wildwood, New
     It's the biggest wave! And it's
not a Tidal wave! In fact it's not
even in the ocean!
     I found it or, rather, them on
the amusement ride piers right
off the boardwalk!
     They are most often produced
by the crowds of parents and
grand parents watching their
children and grand children as
those kids go round in circles on
things like the Merry-go-round
and various other attractions.
      Often the kids wave back.
But even if they don't the moms
and dads, usually waving with one
hand while holding a camera
in the other, are waving either
to acknowledge their presence, or
in an attempt to get the children
to look towards the lens!
      Surfers may be unimpressed.
But the kids and the parents are
usually pleased.
       Hope you're still waving at
someone you love and that all
your NEWS is good!

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