Sunday, June 5, 2016


  MONDAY, JUNE 6TH., 2016

      I found myself at a golf
course yesterday. But fortunately
for everyone else in attendance
I did not have a club in my hands!
      The occasion was the 8th
annual Nicole Spencer Memorial
Tournament at the Lehman Golf
      Nicole was an Education
major at Mount St. Mary's
University and the tournament
raises money for a scholarship
in her name.
      The players support those
efforts while enjoying the game.
My wife and I make a donation
each year rather than putting me
on the course and endangering
other players or spectators.
      There was a time when I
was a regular at area golf
courses. I could hit a golf ball
fairly far. Unfortunately I
couldn't hit it very straight!
        My 'slice" (my ball always
sailed off to the right) left me
along on the course as the
other three folks in my foursome
walked straight down the fairway
while I searched the woods and
brush to find my ball.
       I tried aiming the wrong
way to correct my flight pattern.
But that never worked.
       Yesterday I watched as
teams enjoyed their game!
I never saw anyone searching
the woods! Of course none of
them were interrupted by
hearing me yell "Fore!!!!!"
       Hats off to all those players
who contributed to a great cause!
Hope the tournament was a big
success and that all of your
NEWS is good!

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