Monday, June 20, 2016


     TUESDAY, JUNE 21ST., 2016

    Sunday was Father's Day. But it
was also my daughter and her
husband's wedding anniversary.
A day earlier they received an
Anniversary Card which, admittedly,
they expected!
     For several years now my wife
and I, and our two daughters and
their husbands, have been sending
and resending the same card to
each other on our anniversaries!
     This year we added another
couple, my son and his wife, to
the rotation on the occasion of
their marriage!
       It's a little thing. But to those
of us who share the tradition it's
become a sign of our love for one
       Our new daughter-in-law has
now become part of another
unique tradition. At her wedding
her good friend Milease gave her
a very special gift.
       New brides are suppose to
get "something old" and, in a
sense, this fit the bill.
       Milease gave her a necklace
bearing the words  "Just Married."
It seems Milease received it from
friend, Carissa, as a wedding gift
about a year earlier. She's worn
it proudly and treasures it.
       But it's not a gift one keeps!
       You see like our card, this
necklace is to be passed along!
It's a beautiful piece of jewelry
that's to be worn and enjoyed
as one's marriage life begins.
       In a year or so our daughter-in-law
will watch for another deserving
bride, likely one of her dear friends,
who will share the love that comes
along with this special gift!
       And who knows? Maybe some
young bride 50 years from now will
be wearing the same necklace as her
married life begins.
        Whatever your tradition hope
you pay it forward and that all
your NEWS is good.


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