Monday, June 13, 2016


     TUESDAY, JUNE 14TH., 2016

          There are certain photos that
must be taken when you visit certain
          In Pisa you must pose as though
you're trying to hold up the leaning
tower! At the Grand Canyon you've
got to get a shot as though you're
about to fall.
          And you don't leave Wildwood
without a photo by the Wildwoods
sign! It's a huge series of letters that
spell out "Wildwoods' and a whole
lot of large colorful make believe
Beach balls that invite anyone with a
camera or smart phone.
          The problem, of course, is that
everyone wants the same photos, and
usually about the same time as you're
         We took a stroll there Monday
after visiting a nearby playground.
Since we're just a little pre-season
the crowds weren't overly large. Since
my son has worked as a Bouncer I
suggest he might clear the place for us.
         Instead we just watched for
openings as they appeared and took
our that we
got the opportunity.
          Any person appearing in the
background of our snapshots is
there strictly by coincidence and
is not affiliated with our family.
Unless they are wealthy. In that
         Hope we're all in focus and
that all your NEWS is good!

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