Sunday, June 19, 2016


   MONDAY, JUNE 20TH., 2016

    For years now I have answered
the question "What do you want
for your birthday (or Christmas,
or Father's day, or any other
occasion) with the phrase
"Something neat."
    The gift givers in my family
have always risen to the challenge!
Still, yesterday, I was in total
shock when I opened the box with
the tag marked "Dad" on top.
     You see I wasn't really expecting
anything neat or otherwise. Probably
some nice cards (and, by the way I
got those too). But we had just
returned from vacation. No one
had much time. And it was also
my daughter and son-in-law's
anniversary so I figured the day
would center around the family
get together and the steaks we
didn't have time to prepare on
vacation (and, by the way we got
those too!)
      Much to my surprise the gift
box contained a brand new camera!
I'm not left speechless very often.
But they got me this time!
       It's one of those modern
cameras that not only takes photos
and video. It can send them to
your Facebook page or email
right from the camera.
       Wow! We've come a long
way since my Dad and I developed
our own pictures in our basement
dark room and hung them on a
clothes pin until the fixer solution
       My Dad would be thrilled
with this new technology! I know
I am. This thing is really neat!
        Hope I can understand the
directions....and that all your
NEWS is good!

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