Monday, June 6, 2016


     TUESDAY, JUNE 6TH., 2016

      For those of you who don't know
I do a weekly television program on
Electric City Television, a Public
Access station carried on Comcast
in much of our area.
       My co-host, Rusty Fender, our
Director Mark Migilore and I promote
public events and public service efforts
throughout the region.
       But viewers don't realize that,
sometimes, it's a magic show!
       That was the case Monday. 2
minutes before show time I got a
text message from my scheduled
guest. Seems she fell yesterday
and broke a toe. She was going to
her doctor to have it checked instead
of coming to our studio.
        Totally understandable. But,
here's the thing. Our initial show is
done live. It's also recorded and
played back numerous times during
the week. But you can't play something
back you haven't recorded!
          It's not the first time we've
found ourselves hoping their was
a rabbit in our hat.
         Once before one of our scheduled
guests simply forgot us! As luck would
have it a member of one of those "Ghost
investigating teams" happen to be in
the studio to drop off a tape. Instead
we "spirited him" onto our show....with
5 minutes to spare.
         Yesterday our Director did the
trick. He called up a friend who runs
the County's Art's and Cultural Department
and asked what she had planned for the
new half hour. Since the Courthouse is
near our studio she "appeared" quickly
enough to be our guest!
          Of course nobody in the audience
knew what had happened or what went
on behind the scenes to make sure "the
show goes on." That's OK. They're not
suppose to! It's part of the magic!!!!!
         Hope you get to watch sometime
and that all your NEWS is good!

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