Wednesday, June 8, 2016


     THURSDAY, JUNE 9TH., 2016

      Temperatures as well as the
darkness had already started to fall
as we made our way back from
Watkin's Glen on Tuesday night.
       We raised the top on my
Miata and popped up the headlights
in plenty of time to spot the large
buck standing right along side
the highway. Guess our small
sports car surprised him because
he just stood there. That was a
good thing!
        I saw something else I
didn't expect as I got closer to
home. I was driving along Route
92 along the Susquehanna rive
when the unmistakable red and
blue flashing lights of a Police
car appeared in my rear view
       I started to pull to the right
to allow him to pass when I
realized he didn't want to pass.
He wanted me to pull over!
       I have to admit I was
surprised. I didn't believe I
was exceeding the speed limit.
But, as the officer approached
I asked my wife to get our
registration card out as I began
to reach for my wallet and
Driver's license.
       Turns out he didn't need
        The officer, a very
professional sergeant from
the Exeter Township Police
Department, took one look
inside and explained that we
didn't look anything like the
subject he was searching for.
        Apparently my car was
close enough to the description
of the one that subject was
driving to warrant a check.
         As I breathed a sigh of
relief he bid us a good night
and we were back on our way
        Hope he got his man and
that all your NEWS is good!

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