Wednesday, June 29, 2016



   How very appropriate that you
should be joining me, by reading
my blog, on Social Media Day!
It's the 7th annual observance of
this global celebration although
Social Media has been around a
lot longer than that.
    Of course it's changed over
the years! At one time the term
could have been applied to those
rural homes that shared a so-
called "party line" telephone.
    Now we've evolved to world
wide contact ability through
sources like Skype and Facebook.
And what great resources they
     Just yesterday I received
three Skype messages from
people I never heard of asking
that I add them as contacts.
      Meanwhile on Facebook,
I struggle daily with the task
of coming up with one word
responses on how I met various
friends who then want me to
copy and paste my answer to
my home page.
      I have politely tried to
 explain that I haven't copied
since third grade and am
prohibited, by my wife, from
using paste or glue.
     On the positive side, I
now have a better idea of
how many cats my FB friends
own and see their photos
nearly every day.
      Of course I do plenty
of postings too including
family and travel photos.
I do not, however, have
any cats except for those
who roam my neighborhood
at will. If I see one, or a
skunk, I'll try to post a photo
so I feel more like a part of
the group!
      I don't know how folks
in those party line days
      How you keep using
Social Media (to read my
blogs) and that all your
NEWS is good!


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