Wednesday, June 22, 2016


   THURSDAY, JUNE 23RD., 2016
            OUT OF ORDER!

      My son, grand daughter, and two
grandsons made the trip to Knoebels
Amusement park Wednesday. My
wife was tied up with a medical
appointment and couldn't make the
      Neither of us do the rides when
we visit except, perhaps, the train.
But we both enjoy watching the
kids as well as the other folks visiting
the park.
       Each time we visit I make it a
point to go to the Arcade where I
make use of an antique machine that
prints the letters of your choice on
what is called an "Identification
Medal." It's a sort of coin on which
you can imprint a message like "I
Love You" with the date as well.
      Ironically on this visit, without
my wife, I was saddened to find my
favorite souvenir machine "Out Of
       I asked a friendly clerk if she
might, at least, have one of the blank
medals I might take home with me.
She alerted another worker who, sure
enough, came through! I told my
wife the medal had no message because
she wasn't there with me.
        I know we'll be there together
again this year. It's one of our
favorite stops and employees like
the ones who went out of their way
to help me out are among the reasons
who we love the place!
        Hope they fix the machine....and
that all your NEWS is good!

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