Thursday, June 2, 2016


        LET'S HEAR IT FOR.....

     Our family got together at the
Kirby Center last night. There was
no concert on the stage. No big name
entertainers. But there were some
pretty important people! The 2016
Graduation Class of Holy Redeemer
High School!
     Our oldest grandson Jason was
one of them there to receive their
     These young men and ladies have
been trained well over the past four
years. That was evident just in the
way they conducted themselves
during the ceremonies. They even
followed their Principal's instructions
and waited until the dignitaries had
left the auditorium until their tossed
their Redeemer red hats into the air
in celebration.
      The audience, however, was a
little different. After a plea from the
Principal to with hold applause and
shouts of jubilation until all of the
class members had received their
diplomas, family members of each
student wasted no time in filling the
auditorium with their cheers the moment
the first graduate received her diploma.
      Not wanting to be the only ones
following the rule, our entourage
shook the building when our
grandson took to the stage to receive
his diploma!
       I've heard the same admonishment
to audiences at several graduations
over the years. Attention school
officials.......It doesn't work! Let them
cheer. It's not only the students who
have "survived" High School!
       In fact Honorable Mention
certificates for parents and grand
parents might be a nice addition!
       If you were there, or at any other
graduation, I hope you cheered for
"your student".....and that all your
NEWS is good!

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