Tuesday, June 14, 2016


    WEDNESDAY, JUNE 15TH., 2016
           ALL HANDS ON DECK!

     The kids wanted to race go-carts
Tuesday night. I wanted Curley Fries.
       So, after the go-carts, I stopped
at Curley Fries. So did everybody else!
The benches there provided just enough
seats for our party.
       It was the bucket of fries that
suddenly seemed too small! So we
all participated in one of those exercises
where you put the bucket in the middle
and everyone tries to get their hand in
and out with at least one French fry
before your hand clashes with the
next one on its way in!
     Ironically as we all began to get
our fill I suddenly noticed that a
small fry (the youngest member of
our troop) had somehow managed
to slide the bucket just in front of
her seat! She is a very smart young
     In the end everyone walked away
filled except for the aforesaid young
lady. She was carried from the scene,
apparently too filled to walk any more.
      Hope I do as well on my next visit
and that all your NEWS is good!


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