Monday, June 27, 2016


 TUESDAY, JUNE 28., 2016

   They say you live and learn.
The also say you never stop
learning. Yesterday I learned
they were right!
    My colleague Rusty Fender
and I welcomed Jean Rufh from
the Endless Mountains Vacation
Bureau to our weekly program
on Electric City Television to
talk about summer events and
attractions in that area.
     One of those attractions
features an historical site in
Susquehanna that is being
restored by The Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!
Better know as the Mormons!
     Turns out the founder of that
church, Joseph Smith, came to
Oakland Township (formally
called Harmony) in Susquehanna
County in 1827 where he
translated much of the Book of
Mormon. I didn't know that!
      But wait! There's more!
Smith and his associate Oliver
Cowdery baptized each other
in the Susquehanna River! I
didn't know that!
     That happened, according
to Smith, after he was made a
Priest by the resurrected John the
Baptist! I didn't know that!
      The site also includes a replica
of a cabin where Joseph and his
wife Emma lived in the early days
of the Church. Smith instituted
the private practice of polygamy
in the 1830's. Emma, apparently,
was the first of his 28 wives! I
didn't know that!
      Anyhow the site, which includes
a meeting house, is open to the public
free of charge. It certainly has a
lot of historical significance! And
it's right here in Northeastern!
      I may just pay a visit. Who
knows what might happen?
     I do know one thing. I hope all
your NEWS is good!

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