Saturday, June 25, 2016


  SUNDAY, JUNE 26TH., 2016

     My wife and I were invited
to a graduation party on Saturday.
It was our good friend's grandson
who just completed High School
and we were happy to be included
in the celebration.
     The festivities were scheduled
for Francis Slocum Park, a beautiful
State Park in Luzerne County that
boasts a lake, boat launch, swimming
pool, and plenty of Picnic facilities.
      Since the day was perfect for
fishing, boating, swimming, and
picnics it might be easier to count
the number of area residents who
weren't there!
      Thanks to a detour along the
road we use to get to the park we
were already a little late when we
arrived at the entrance. Next mission...
find the party!
       I remember reading a Facebook
invitation that said something about
being near the swimming pool. But
the closest picnic tables to that area
were taken up by families enjoying
their picnic lunches.
       We found a couple of birthday
parties! But none of those kids were
old enough to graduate. Unless,
perhaps, from elementary school.
       It's a big park so we continued
our search. As I drove my phone
rang indicating I had received a
text message. It was from our
friend and it read...."Did you just
drive by?"
      Now the answer to that question
would depend, of course, on where
our friends were when they saw us.
Now you'll understand why I prefer
actual calls! Anyway, I replied..
"We are looking for you" followed by
 a text request that she call us. But there
was no reply, either text or call. 
       As luck would have it, however,
my wife spotted a large group of
people not too far from where we
had just been cruising so we turned
around and found the party!
       Asked why she didn't respond
our friend said....."My phone is over
there." I had hoped it might be in her
hand...where it had to be when she
sent the text!
        Anyway, the party was well
worth the search as family members
and a few friends like us got to enjoy
some good food and, most of all,
each other's company!
        Hope you enjoyed the day too
and that all your NEWS is good!

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