Friday, June 10, 2016


   SATURDAY, JUNE 11TH., 2016

    About now I find myself wondering
how many Yankee fans switched from
Comcast to Direct TV after the cable
company dropped the YES network?
     Now, perhaps happy to see the
Yanks in action again, those same
viewers may lose all the programs,
including regional news, offered by
      And whether it's Direct, Comcast,
or any other television provider, you
may see (or not see) more stations
involved as time goes on.
      Way back at the start of local
TV broadcasting WDAU and WBRE
became the hated enemies of the
cable TV industry. The local stations
were upset that the products they
paid to produced were being picked
up and distributed by the cable
companies for free. Sure, the cable
companies got paid. But the local
stations didn't.
        Years later that argument got
legal support and now those cable
and satellite companies have to pay
the providers for the shows they
share to their subscribers.
        The question much
should they pay?
         Comcast insisted that the
YES Network was asking too much
for the Yankee games and other
sporting events they produce. So,
Comcast dropped YES.
         Nobody has said what channel
16's parent company is asking from
Dish. But it's apparent Dish thinks
it's too much!
         Brings to mind those early
days when every house in the area
had an antenna on the roof to pick
up the local stations and, sometimes,
some distant signals too.
          Now you get a hundred
channels or so....and often.....there's
nothing worth watching!
           Hope you've got a radio...
and that all your NEWS is good!


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