Thursday, June 9, 2016


     FRIDAY, JUNE 10TH., 2016

     Writing has gone through a lot of
evolution over the years.
    I don't mean "style." I'm writing
about the mechanics of writing.
    From drawings on the walls of
caves to the quill which penned our
Declaration of Independence.
    But one of the biggest revolutions
 in writing happened 72-years-ago
    That's the day the Bíró brothers,
 László and György, got Patent
 # 2,390,636 for their invention....
the Ball Point Pen!
     It's hard to believe it was only
available to the wealthy initially.
     These days most of us have
lost or misplaced more Ball Point
Pens than all the quills that ever
     Many companies hand them out
as promotional items. Although
most banks still chain them to those
platforms where you endorse your
      Personally I favored the fountain
pen.....up until I ruined my 4th white
shirt with leaking ink! I believe it was
my wife who suggested I switch to a
Ball Point!
      I generally have about 3 or 4 Ball
Point Pens within ten feet. I use them
till they won't write anymore.
       Of course the advent of the Lap
Top has me doing most of my writing
on line these days.
        But when it comes to personal letters,
thank you notes, Birthday Cards and such,
I still turn to the Bíró boy's invention to
get my message out!
      Now if we can just find a way to make
sure there's one close by to take down a
message or number when someone's
trying to rattle off that stuff on the
       Hope you've got one somewhere
where you can find it and that all your
NEWS is good!

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