Thursday, June 23, 2016


  FRIDAY, JUNE 24TH.,2016

     Regrettably I find myself
unable to participate in today's
holiday. What holiday you ask?
     Thank you for asking. June
24th., is "Drive Your Corvette
To Work Day."
      I have two problems with
the day. First, I don't technically
"work" any more. Yes, I'm still
on television every day. But I
am now a volunteer and don't
get paid. (That's just a little
less than I made, by the way,
when I did get paid!)
       Secondly I don't have a
Corvette! I guess that's actually
the bigger reason I won't be
joining in the celebration.
       I did have a Corvette
many years ago. I bought it used
from one of those old infamous
used car dealers.
       The vehicle looked great.
But every time I drove it the car
would suddenly shift itself out
of 4th gear as I was driving down
the highway! I took it back to be
repaired and the salesman assured
me it would be fixed.
       When I picked it up a couple
days later I quickly learned the
problem had not been fixed and
I found myself coasting along the
Interstate hoping I could get the
"Vette" back into 4th!
         In the car's defense the gas
gauge worked perfectly! I could
actually see it move downward!
         I paid no more than $3500
for the car. A few years ago I saw
one that looked exactly like it. I
was told it was worth over $30,000
back then!
        If I knew then what I know
now I would find a part time job
and drive my Corvette there in
3rd gear!
        Hope those who can celebrate
do......and that all your NEWS is

(Mine looked like this one)

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