Sunday, June 12, 2016


   MONDAY, JUNE 13TH., 2016
    A TASTE OF THE SHORE!                          

      Our grandson was introduced
to salt on Sunday. It came in a
couple forms.
      First, from water in the
Atlantic Ocean! It was his first
trip to the beach and he seemed
to enjoy it.
      At ten months old he tends
to put anything he can gets his
hands on into his mouth. I believe
he may now know that beach
sand is not the best tasting
substance here at the shore.
      He seemed to love the water,
salt and all.
       So, as a reward, we took
him to my favorite stop on the
boardwalk. Curley Fries!
       Here again, he got a taste
of salt mixed here and there
with ketchup and perhaps just
a touch of vinegar.
        He is getting a real "taste
of the shore!
        Hope his blood pressure
is OK and that all your NEWS
is good!   

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