Thursday, June 2, 2016


   FRIDAY, JUNE 3RD., 2016

    My youngest grandson turned
10-months-old on Thursday. My
oldest grandson and I took turns
watching him for part of the day
and I now realize I'm astounded
my the similarities in the three of
us in spite of our vast age
      We all have light hair, although
mine has become exceptionally
light, and blue eyes. All of us
have "David" as part of our name.
In my case it's first name while in
their case it's their middle name.
      We also all like to play!
Since the toddler isn't walking
just yet our play arena is set up
on the floor. So everybody has to
get down! Each of us crawled
around there sharing the young
one's toys and gaining his smile
more often than not.
      I got around pretty well down
there if I do say so myself. Probably
as good as the 18-year-old. And a
fine time was had by all.
       Hope someone helps me back
up...........and that all your NEWS
is good!


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