Friday, June 17, 2016


    SATURDAY, JUNE 18TH., 2016
      Well another of our traditional
family vacations by the beach in
Wildwood, NJ has come to an end.
        I suppose we've all had similar
weeks. We arrived last Saturday and
we're all wondering how those days
could speed by so very fast!
        The prime season will just be
starting as we get home. But going
early has its benefits. The rates still
haven't peaked and there are no long
lines at the concession stands or for
the amusement rides. There are
plenty of people on the boardwalk.
But not enough to make you feel
like you're on a crowded elevator!
        Of course the ocean water
hasn't warmed up for the summer
just yet. So taking a dip will quickly
make you understand what happened
to the people who didn't make the
life boats on the Titanic!
        Our pool proved a bit warmer
and you didn't have to get the sand
out from between your toes!
        This year was especially pleasant
for us as we welcomed our youngest
grandson to the Wildwood family
tradition. He may not remember all
that much. But his memory may be
refreshed by the hundreds of photos
and hours of video recorded by the
        We're sorry to have to leave the
shore and I'm pretty sure at least one
business, Curley's Fries, is sad to see
me go. I've already guaranteed they'll
have a successful season!
         Hope we can all do it again next
year....and that all your NEWS is

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