Tuesday, May 31, 2016


            COUNTING DOWN!

     The countdown is on! Tonight
night at 7 our oldest grandson
will officially graduate from Holy
Redeemer High School.
     On Tuesday night he and his
fellow classmates took part in
Baccalaureate services at Saint
Nicholas Church in Wilkes-Barre.
     Funny. I spent part of the
morning with my 10-month-old
grandson crawling around the
floor with him as he played with
all his toys.
     Seems like just a couple years
ago I was doing the same thing
with the 18-year-old who graduates
tonight. There are 4 other grandkids
in between those two with whom I've
played and attended graduations which,
in some cases, started at the Pre school
      So as the countdown winds down
for the oldest it continues for each of
the others.
      But tonight is Jason's night. We're
proud of him and wish him the very
best. Congratulations buddy....may
all your NEWS be good!

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