Sunday, May 22, 2016


  MONDAY, MAY 23RD., 2016

     Seasons change. Winter to
Spring. Spring to Summer and
so on.
     Sports seasons change too.
You'll usually enjoy Football in
the Fall and Baseball in the
      But Soccer seems to have no
seasonal boundaries. So, when
you're a grandparent with grand
children in one of the many soccer
leagues chances are you'll find
yourself cheering throughout the
     So it is we found ourselves
out in the Sunday drizzle to cheer
on one of our grand daughters as
her team began its Summer season.
     Two other grand kids play to
be playing this year so there's a
chance I may begin to catch on
to some of the rules.
     The next trick will be getting
to as many games as possible,
especially when schedules conflict!
     Hope I'm cheering for the right
team.......and that all your NEWS
is good!


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