Saturday, May 7, 2016


   SUNDAY, MAY 8TH., 2016

    It's Mother's Day and most
Moms are likely to see a card,
some flowers, and maybe even
a special dinner.
    There's a lot of love that
comes with those gifts. But 
there's always just a little extra
love included when a gift is
home made!
     Yesterday my wife and I
were invited along as my son,
his wife, and two of our grand
children visited Creekside
Gardens in Tunkhannock.
      One of the staff members
there guided our grand daughter
as she planted a small flower
in a biodegradable pot  She
decorated her work then
presented it to her Mommy and
Grannie for Mother's Day!
     Call it "hand made" if you
want. I might suggest that "heart
made" might be more appropriate.
      I know the plant won't last
forever. But the memory will!
       Hope you have a Happy
Mother's Day and that all your
NEWS is good!

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