Tuesday, May 24, 2016


  WEDNESDAY, MAY 25TH., 2016

    Raise a glass everyone. It's National
Wine Day!
    The title suggests this is a U.S.
observance although there's no record
of any official government recognition
of this day. If the day is unique to our
country we've got to consider it a "new"
     Last week our Tuscany tour group
visited an Italian winery that's been in
the same family for eight generations!
We sampled wines made from the
grapes growing in the fields all around
us. And everybody was happy. Especially
after about their eighth sample!
      I knew there was something special
about those Italian wines. The top
vintage was selling for $500 a bottle!
I couldn't afford the cork!
      So perhaps on this "National
Wine Day" I'll search out something
from an area winery to celebrate.
      Hope it's under $500 bucks...and
that all your NEWS is good!


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