Wednesday, May 25, 2016


  THURSDAY, MAY 26TH., 2016

    That trip to Italy really as us
spoiled! All those great Italian
foods. It just isn't practical to
fly back some 9 to 10 hours for
a meal.
     But when we can't get to Italy
we go to Tamaqua! That's where
our friend Alfie operates La Dolce
Casa, a great Italian restaurant on
the banks of the Little Schuylkill
     I took my wife there Wednesday
as a continued celebration of her
birthday and it was like being back in
Tuscany! Alfie even speaks Italian.
Of course, I don't so we had to order
in English!
      I brought him a couple photos
from our trip to Italy in the hope
it would remind him of home. They
did although, ironically, he never
actually visited some of the cities
we did.
      The meal, which always begins
with a serving of bread and knots
with a dipping sauce, was fantastic
as usual. And it's good to know we've
got a taste of Tuscany pretty darn
close to home!
       Hope we remembered the
canollies and that all your NEWS
is good!

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