Saturday, May 14, 2016


   SATURDAY, MAY 14TH., 2016

      Into each life a little rain must
fall and it fell on us during our visit
to Rome today. In fact, for a little
while, it poured on us. Still the
precipitation failed to dampen the
spirits of the folks enjoying our
Travelword tour of Tuscany.
      Rain or not there was
something to see everywhere.
Even another country! The Vatican
is it's own state and a lot of people
were gathered in Saint Peter's Square
checking the place out. They told
me some important guy lives there.
I guess the people were hoping for
an autograph.
     We spotted a few of the famous
Swiss guards near the gates. But
just in case their spears weren't
enough to discourage unwanted
visitors, I noticed some members
of the military near by armed
with more sophisticated weapons.
      Then there was the Flavian
Amphitheater, better know to most
as the Colosseum!
      Built in 80 AD the place shows
it's age just a bit. It hasn't been used
for awhile. Ben Hur was filmed here
in 1959. But since then in mainly
attracts tourists.
     A couple members of our tour
group suggested I could draw a
crowd if I took center stage there.
I think they said something about
me playing with the lion's! I guess
it's some kind of team.
     Hope I get a thumb's up...and
that all your NEWS is good!

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