Thursday, May 19, 2016


  FRIDAY, MAY 20TH., 2016

    It was, I believe, the last of an
annual tradition for me. I carefully
pulled apart the corner of my
envelope from the Pennsylvania
Department of Transportation and
removed the tiny square sticker to
attach it to my License plate.
    I have several vehicles and, with
the exception of my 1971 motorcycle
which has a Classic plate, each must
have a sticker to prove those vehicles
are registered.
     Each year I have paused for just
a moment to deliberate the question...
does the sticker go over the current
year's registration tag or over the
box on the other side of the license
plate. I seem to remember that it
mattered one time. But doesn't any
     Where ever it's placed there
always seems to be one edge sticking
      How do police officers see those
little stickers anyway? I'm not sure
too many actually look...unless you're
stopped for some other violation.
      In any case it will all be academic
next year. Pennsylvania is doing away
with the stickers in favor of some sort
of camera system that can simply "read"
your license plate to confirm your car
or truck is registered.
      I suppose with all the money they
save on the stickers and the mailings
we'll all see lower registration fees.
Right? If you answered "Yes" there's
a bridge in Brooklyn I'm selling and
I can give you a good deal!
       Hope my 2017 sticker is in the
right box and that all your NEWS is

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