Friday, May 6, 2016


    SATURDAY, MAY 7TH., 2016
          AND THEY'RE OFF!

     It's "Derby Day!" The run for
the roses at the Kentucky Derby
at Churchill Downs in Louisville,
      My late uncle and his wife
never missed the big race when
they were still around. They
were at the track more often
than not and, I'm sure, enjoyed
their share of the traditional Mint
     I followed the circuit on the
news last year thanks to all the
excitement over a triple crown
     Other than that my experience
with "the ponies" has been limited
to an occasional visit to Pocono
Downs where I have experimented
with a betting "system" that has
proved very successful......sort of.
       I put two dollars on the number
3 horse to Show. He's running the
center of the track and I've got 3
chances to make money. And I've
won with that system several times!
       Of course my take is usually
two dollars or less. So it will,
admittedly, take awhile to make my
million this way!
       I used to work with a sportscaster 
who refused to recognize horse racing
as a Sport. Since it's been know as
"the sport of kings" for years I failed
to understand his stance.
        I suspect I'll sneak a look at the
Derby today. And I'll be cheering
for #3 to Show!
        Hope you pick a winner and
that all your NEWS is good!  


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