Friday, May 20, 2016


  SATURDAY, MAY 21ST., 2016
           WHERE AM I?

    There were people crowded all
around, vendors selling food and
crafts, and music in the air. I though
I was still in Italy walking near Pisa,
or Florence. But it couldn't be! No
one was trying to sell me umbrellas
or drawings likely mass produced in
China. Besides.....everybody was
speaking English. Or as close to it
as many people around here get.
     No, this was not Italy. This was
the Fine Arts Fiesta on Public Square
in Wilkes-Barre. There were similarities
to scenes in Italy. For one thing there
truly was some fine art to be seen! And
heard too!
      My grand daughter was part of a
select singing group from Holy
Redeemer School that entertained the
public on Friday. They did a fantastic
job with all of their numbers, including
the National Anthem. I suspect a few
of those in the audience were from other
countries since they had to be reminded
to stand. Even then a couple of the men
forgot it's traditional to remove one's
hat when the anthem is played or sung.
       Maybe if they had been with us in
Italy they'd appreciate our Star Spangled
Banner and what it stands for.
        In Italy immigrants sell their wares
illegally, since they don't collect local
taxes, and take off quickly when the
Police pull up! As they run they're likely
to pass in front of soldiers armed with
automatic weapons who guard the
squares against the possibility of a
terrorist attack.
        I realize we have to be watchful
here as well. But our freedom provides
a lot more confidence here than they
have there!
       Hope you enjoy the Fiesta and
that all your NEWS is good!

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