Monday, May 16, 2016


   MONDAY, MAY 16TH., 2016

      We hit another Italian highlight
on the last day of our Travelworld
tour! A visit to Lago Maggiore the
second largest lake in the country.
This is where rich people go for
vacation! I came for the day anyway!
      Beautiful hotels line the main
street which overlooks the 65 mile
long lake which is partly in Italy
and partly in Switzerland. In the
distance, off to the northwest, I can
see the snow covered mountains of
the Alps.
      But there are attractions much
closer. Right on the lake! Fisherman's
Island, as the name implies, is still
home to families of fisherman who
make their livings fishing the lake
and operating shops and restaurants
that cater to the tourists. That's us!
      A second very ritzy island is
nearby, again welcoming tourists
from all over the world! Our tour
guide arranged a private boat to
shuttle us to both were we enjoyed
the view and grabbed a bite to eat
while watching our time so as not
to miss the shuttle. Now that I think
of it this wouldn't be a bad place to
get stuck if one did miss the boat!
     Hope I remember that next time
and that all your NEWS is good!


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