Thursday, May 12, 2016


    THURSDAY, MAY 12TH., 2016

    It's hard to pick a highlight of our
Travelworld tour to the Tuscany area
of Italy. Each day brings new wonders!
     Today our group road one of the most
modern highways we've ever seen with
tunnels a mile or more long carrying us
through mountainsides only to come out
the other side looking a fields of grape
vines an olive trees just off the roadway.
      Our destination was Venice, And
you don't actually get their by bus! Once
you're close you board a water taxi that
carries you past classic buildings to a
dock in the city of canals and small
bridges. We became part of the estimated
50,000 tourists who come each year to
see places like the Piazza San Marco.
      I figured it was a good place to have
pizza so my wife and I stopped at a small
restaurant for lunch. She had some sort of
a healthy fruit and ham concoction. But
I opted for my pizza. It wasn't bad! But
it also wasn't cut! We're all used to getting
a usually round pie cut into 6 or 8 slices.
     I got the pizza and a knife. I didn't
have to speak Italian to realize the
cutting would be up to me! I managed.
     Then our group boarded a number
of classic gondolas for a fantastic ride
on a few of the city's canals. One of
the vessels included an extremely
talented tenor who serenaded us as we
cruised along! It doesn't get much more
romantic than that!
       Hope I get my land legs back for
tomorrow's touring and that all your
NEWS is good!


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