Wednesday, May 18, 2016



    There are a whole lot of sights
to see in Italy. Most, like the Roman
ruins and classic sculptures, are
     Some others came as a surprise.
And many of those surprises came
in the country's "facilities."
      In some busy tourist areas, for
instance, you've got to pay to use them.
Wise visitors know it's good to keep
some Euro change in your pocket just
in case.
      Many commodes don't have what
we Americans call a seat. Gives new
meaning to the term "pit stop!"
       And then there was the Autogrill
where we stopped for a lunch break.
It's on a toll road similar to our
Turnpike. Imagine our surprise when
the men and women all found themselves
in the same line to use the rest room!
        It was one room with stalls on
both sides. The one's on the right
were for the gals while the one's on
the left were for the men. You shared
the sinks and dryers afterwards.
       My first thought was that we had
stopped at Target! A little unnerving.
But they did have seats!
       Hope the Turnpike sticks with its
present system.....and that all your NEWS
is good!  

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