Sunday, May 15, 2016


 SUNDAY, MAY 15TH., 2016
       HOW TO 'DRY' OFF!

     Public Square in Wilkes-Barre
was never like this!
     Our Travelworld tour of Tuscany
Italy took us to the huge public square
in the town of Siena this morning. It's
steeped in history and very famous
for an annual festival held there.
     One a year the outer portion of
the square is covered by about a half
foot of dirt and ten bareback riders
race around the temporary track,
kicking and sometimes whipping
their opponents until one horse wins
bragging rights for the entire year.
You'll note I said "horse." The first
horse to complete the three laps
wins whether the rider is still on
or not!
       From there we traveled to
San Gimignano, a community
famous for its many towers set
high atop a mountain. I was
still walking in when the rain
hit! Within minutes the tourists
were totally drenched. But they
made the best of it.
       They were rewarded! Our
next stop was a wine tasting
party the likes of which most
had never seen. The wines, white,
and red, just kept coming, along
with a salad, some meat and home
made lasagna. I mean, literally
made while we sampled, by the
grand mother of the owner of
the vineyards!
       Most of the wines were
dry and I don't think anybody
even remembered it had rained!
Still, I hope my clothes dry out
and that all your NEWS is good!


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